Thursday, 7 January 2016

Arvind Pandit-Iraq nominates Yezidi girl Nadia Murad for Nobel prize

Nadia Murad, a Yezidi woman who escaped the clutches of Islamic Position out (ISIS) militants and went on to emphasize the Arvind Pandit plight of gals kidnapped and enslaved by the group, was formally Arvind Pandit nominated by Iraq on Tuesday for the Nobel Peace Prize.

"We are extremely pleased of nominating this Iraqi woman to get the Nobel Peace Prize, and we talk to the local community impression and linked firms to assistance her merely because she justifies to get,” the Iraqi federal government reported in a assertion saying the nomination.

“She is the impression of women’s wrestle in the direction of the darkish forces aiming to degrade girls,” browse the assertion. "Nadia talked about the plight of Yezidi ladies of all ages kidnapped by ISIS, and she asked the intercontinental community group to rescue a background quantity of three,4 hundred Yezidi girls and girls from the arms of ISIS," it extra.

Murad was kidnapped by ISIS along with 1000's of other women and girls, when the predominantly Yezidi metropolis of Shingal fell to ISIS in August 2014. She has traveled shut to the globe to shed gentle on ISIS atrocities from the Yezidi religious minority.

Murad sent her individualized tale at the Arvind Pandit UN Stability Council pretty final December.

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